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Kate is based in Chicago with the ability to work as a local hire in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. She's lived in every major city and has been lucky to maintain close relationships in every city. Particularly versatile, she excels in Drama, Improv, Comedy, Dramedy, Writing, Sketch, and more. Her journey into the world of acting was anything but typical, however acting has been an outlet of hers since childhood. As a hyperactive kid, she was able to utilize the unexpected advantages of a chaotic brain. She attended a visual and performing arts school in New York, studied ballet for several years followed by photography and film in college, then spent time as a member of the “normal” workforce, traveling and studying bioscience—all while doing casual performance art with friends on the side. She might have continued acting as just a hobby but for a bogus medical diagnosis. After an unfortunate event and then [unrelated] being told she might have a fatal condition, Kate realized how central creativity was to her life—an epiphany (as some may say) that wouldn't go to waste. Later found to be misdiagnosed, the clarity Kate drew from taking stock of what was truly important to her has continued to serve her well in her acting, her approach to day-to-day living, the choice of people she keeps close, and her uncompromising attitude about the future. Needless to say, she doesn't embarrass easily. Kate remains fearlessly committed to entertainment and self-expression—following her already natural instincts to perpetually stray from the pack, 'let go' of what other people think and embrace the freedom of the unexpected.

In addition to on-camera work, Kate is an experienced voice over artist, as well as a soprano with a broad octave range. Check out her vocal stylings and voice over demos at She continues to train on-stage, on-camera and in voice over.